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Why a new Search Engine in Town?

  1. Bloopish is a Real-Time Search Engine, meaning the results you got are really fresh and difficult to find so fast using other search engines.

  2. Briefly speaking, Bloopish = Google + Twitter + Privacy

  3. You can add a webpage to Bloopish index now and find it in your results one second later. The index is interactive and Real-Time as well.

  4. We are crawling and updating our index constantly with pages created seconds or minutes ago.

  5. Bloopish is free, no ads, no sponsored links, no spam, no virus.

  6. More over, it is fast, easy and safe for child use.

  7. By the way, we still believe in SEO, so don't leave blank the keywords meta in your pages, ok?


Do people really care?

  • Users want precisely what they’re looking for based on actual neutrality, rather than results based on an algorithm that’s been manipulated over and over again by a large corporation that certainly has an agenda. -