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Bloopish' friends

  1. Bloopish is a search-fish that crawls oceans of information and Big Data always learning new things about the world.
  2. Ichabelish is a friend of Bloopish that lives very happy helping him to discover remote unexplored seas of data, beyond the furthest islands.
  3. Tooclootooh, another friend of Bloopish, crawls the deep down bottom of the ocean, called Deep Web, looking for new unknown contents.
  4. Bloopish has a new friend called "Zivsy". She likes learning new languages. Zivsy is very pleased to be a friend of Bloopish. She is learning a lot of new data.
  5. And Johnish, nobody knows if it's a fish or an alien from planet Gninaem, but its mission is to process the info-water in order to extract meaning.
  6. Crusty is a new exchange student who comes from far away seas and has just known Bloopish. He is really into inventing, trying and discovering new things.